bringing worship home

TIME: five one-hour events

USE: with the goal of helping families engage in worship at home, five events were planned over several months

#1: through a family photography activity, participants were encouraged to go out to search for and photograph signs of God’s hand outside the doors of the church, using fresh eyes to recognize the wonder of creation and God's imprint on the world around them

#2: participants personalized a container to be used to hold at-home devotional materials, as well as serve as a spot which is the focal point for home devotions, upon which items (including those made in future events) can be displayed

#3: families used symbols of faith to help create prompts for focusing prayer, notably doves and prayer stones with prompting words

#4: participants created plaques in the liturgical colors to add to their containers to help them mark the changes of the liturgical seasons, as well as learned the meaning behind the colors and the seasons

#5: participants created a tangible symbol of the resurrection for their home spaces with the aim of giving Easter its due significance

MEDIA: magnetic closure boxes, old hymnals, adhesive medium, air-drying clay, garden stones, Sharpies, MDF, tissue paper, oak crosses


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