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TIME: four hours, over four Sundays

USE: leaning into Advent, a congregation which embraces ancient liturgy and iconography worked on this piece across the four Sundays leading up to Christmas, adding tissue paper squares to create a mosaic effect to the underlying ima...

TIME: one and a half hours, after worship

USE: the community gathered to make decorations for the tree in the sanctuary, sharing cards from years past to make stars together

MEDIA: poster board, recycled cards, glue, paint pens, ribbon


TIME: two hours, an intergenerational, alternative worship service

USE: the banners made together will be used in both Advent and Lent to draw people into the journey of faith and lead their eyes toward the front of the sanctuary

MEDIA: Tyvek, adhesive medium, tissue pa...

TIME: four hours, two in youth group one week and two at a retreat the following week

USE: built on a conversation in youth group about who God is and who God is not, the youth compiled a list which was translated into images - the black outlines on the clear layer sho...

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